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Run a 7-day Facebook ad for any of your listings. 7-day ad for Only $89!

Google PPC (pay-per-click)

Short, long-tail keywords to help convert Google keyword searches in buyer leads for your business. 90-day commitment, minimum $500/mo spend

Facebook PPC (pay-per-click)

Gets you in front of your ‘Perfect Prospects’ of leads you actually want to speak with. Facebook allows us to do exactly that. Whether it’s first-time homebuyers, move-up buyers, luxury buyers, relocation buyers, military relocation, or golf course properties + any other niche. Bottom line we’ve got you covered. Minimum $200/mo budget

Custom drip campaigns

Customized drip campaigns creation and implementation. Most Real Estate CRM’s provide a ‘custom drip campaign’ but it may not speak the way you do. Let us create a custom drip campaign for buyers, Zillow, Realtor.com, Relocation, First-Time Buyers, and other custom drips that will help represent you and your market. $99 per campaign

1-on-1 Coaching and implementation

Need help launching your Real Estate business or stuck on a technology piece and need a nerd to do the techie stuff for you? Let us put down our pocket protectors and do it for you. Book FREE 15-minute consultation call below

Facebook Chatbot

Create conversations for you with potential customers who are willing to send a chat and allow our Chatbot to open an invaluable dialogue for you. One-time $499 setup, $10/mo

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